Should I cancel my LSAT?


Law Schools only take your highest score. Really.

It’s what they’re ranked on, it’s what they care about.

There is NO upside to cancelling. Every year students cancel 170+ scores.
Don’t be one of them!


  1. But I feel bad
  2. Everyone feels bad after the LSAT. Doesn’t mean you did bad.
  3. Wouldn’t a cancel look better on my record?
  4. Schools still *see* “cancelled”. They’ll assume you did poorly. It’s not really an advantage.

    And, also, schools only take highest.
  5. My school says they consider all scores
  6. They’re lying. Don’t know why they lie, but all data and all admissions consultants agree that US schools take the highest. It’s what US News and World Report ranks them on.
  7. I’m in Canada. Does this change anything?
  8. Maybe. A couple of Canadian schools average. Check your preferred school’s website.